The Power of Complimentary Color, Part 2

Bring your kitchen to life with color

The Power of Complimentary Color Part 2

This is another example of the use of complimentary color to upgrade the appearance of any area of your home. In the last blog I showed what David from Florida had done with his newly redesigned bathroom, which included the installation of Agate knobs and pulls from the Auroras Collection.

In this picture of a kitchen remodel from one our local customers we see a slightly different approach. She has installed Driftwood pulls, also from the Auroras Collection, in her kitchen. The tone of the glass in this case is closer to that of the cabinets but it is still different enough to showcase the quality of the remodel.

As I said last time, when picking accessories such as cabinet handles it’s not necessary to match a color in the room you are furnishing. Just pick one that looks good with your cabinets, counters, walls, and floors.

On a more somber note, many people are suffering right now. Recovery from a disaster is difficult and will continue long after the news cycle has moved on. Please consider helping. Below is the sight we used, but there are many others:

Red Cross Hurricane Ida Donations:



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