Veskan Glassware

See some new glass art!

Veskan Glassware

Recently I read a great trilogy of books called Shades of Magic by V. E. Schwab which was recommended by our friend Lena.

It’s a great work of imagination, conjuring up worlds and characters vivid and unique. The series is a work of speculative fiction so it may not be for everyone, but I really enjoy getting to live in a different universe for a while. In my opinion one of the things that makes us human is our ability to do so, to see not just what is but what could be.

In the series there are three countries, one of them being Vesk. As I was reading, I was struck by the Veskan colors of silver and green. Their clothing, their pennants, their sails were all silver and green. Suddenly, while I was reading, I decided that I had to make some glass in those colors. It was not an option. I couldn’t stop until I had done it.

The result is the glass pictured is this blog. For better or worse, it wouldn’t have existed without V. E. Schwab, and by extension Lena.

So thanks Lena!



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