When you find that perfect knob or pull, you'll fall in love with the creative flair it adds to your decor. Our glass hardware is casually elegant and will transform your space into a place a little out of the ordinary - just like you!

About Us

We're Tom and Kimberly McCarty, owners and creators of Glass Storm Studios. We live and work in sunny Naples, Florida with our supervisors Misha and Sadie. We create eclectic contemporary handmade art glass hardware for cabinets and furniture that provides a unique combination of modern colors and styles.

We have always had a love of art - the use of color, design and texture intrigues us. We discovered all these properties in glass and it became our canvas. In 2005 we began working with kiln formed art glass and it continues to be our passion.

We have tried many different styles of glass art so when we were looking for something different for our kitchen we decided to make our own knobs. It made a huge difference! We experimented with different styles and color combinations, discovered that these gems were miniature pieces of art and fell in love with the idea that we were creating jewelry for the home.

In our studio we spend hours creating new designs that are fresh and contemporary. Only our favorites make it onto this site!

About Our Supervisors

Here's a picture of our loving supervisors Misha and Sadie. They are both mini-Aussies and have more than enough energy to keep us in line. Well, that is, Sadie keeps all of us in line!