Thoughts on a New Year

What can you control?

Thoughts on a New Year

Most things in life seem out of our control, or at best we have a minority influence.

Sickness, economic variations, international events, and many others seem like things we can only read or hear about without affecting their outcomes.

When this gets frustrating to me, I try to concentrate on the things I can control. By making small changes or improvements I feel calmer because there is a small sphere where I can experience that satisfaction of getting something done.

Recently, one of our customers told us they needed an order by a certain date because they were having a reception in their house and wanted our knobs and pulls installed for their guests to see.

I started imagining who these guests might be, what they might talk about, and how many would actually notice our glass during their evening. Then I thought of them leaving, remembering the event, and there in the background would be our work, a tiny part of the pictures in their mind.

It gave me a strange satisfaction to think that even in a very minor way we could be part of people’s lives by getting this order done. I think everyone should find something that gives that small increment of peace.



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