Matching Room Color with Handmade Glass Knobs and Pulls

Link your cabinet and room color with glass knobs and pulls

Matching Room Color with Handmade Glass Knobs and Pulls

One of the great advantages of glass knobs and pulls is the almost unlimited choice of colors you have to work with. No matter what color you are trying to match, there is glass that color.

Matching cabinet hardware with the surrounding color scheme links the cabinetry to the design of the rest of the room and gives a sense of completeness.

For example, in the bathroom shown below the green walls are reflected in the greens of The Summer Knobs from the Seasons collection. The knobs give a feeling of harmony, that the room was planned as a whole and that nothing is out of place or jarring.

Glass Storm Studios creates many products which can be used use in this manner. My favorite favorites color is green, so in this bathroom we could have also used Jade, Emerald, Jade Cloud or Mint to Be. However, I think the Summer knobs go particularly well here, especially against a background including flowers.

Color coordination doesn’t have to provide an exact match. You can also pick accessories that have a complimentary hue or tint. As long as the end result is pleasing to your eye, your choices are unlimited.

All of the knobs and pulls mentioned above can be seen on our web site and will provide a dramatic upgrade to any room for the fraction of the cost of repainting or refinishing. Using varying shades can create a dramatic and yet relaxing effect.

Check out Summer Knobs and Pulls here:

Summer Handmade Glass Knobs and Pulls

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