Hurricane Ian

Helping in the aftermath

Hurricane Ian

Thank you very much to all of you who reached out and asked about our safety and well-being.

As you probably know, Naples, Florida – our home – took a near direct hit from Hurricane Ian, which made landfall just a few miles north of us as a strong category 4 storm.

We are very fortunate to have sustained no long-term damage. For the first three days after Ian we were without power, internet and cell service. Once those were back we were able to fire up our equipment, resume more or less normal life and take new orders without delays.

Unfortunately, many people near us were not so fortunate. Many of those living near the beach or in a flood zone had their houses either destroyed or filled with so much water as to make them unlivable.

It seems that no matter where you live there is the potential for some kind of natural disaster. When they strike, those of us who are unaffected are often the only remedy. We are literally all we have.

In addition to the usual charities like Red Cross that do such a great job, we are highlighting a friend of ours who lost everything. Please give if you can.



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