Gold on White for a Classic look

One customer's choice of glass color

Gold on White for a Classic Look

We recently got an order from Alaska for a new set of kitchen knobs.

Patsy was looking for something to set off her new white cabinets. She initially tried bronze and gold before settling on the gold knobs and pulls from the Precious Metal collection:

Gold Handmade Glass Knob and Pull Cabinet Hardware

I love this choice because gold on white has such a classic look and feel to it. When I see white and gold I think of classical Greece or Egyptian royalty.

White cabinets present an opportunity to go in many directions since almost all our colors will display nicely against them (except cream) and a lot of people choose deep colors like those from the Jewel Collection.

While these also look great, I have to congratulate Patsy. I think you can see by the picture she sent just how well this classic gold work in her beautiful new kitchen.



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