Glass Facts - Measuring Thread Depth

How do you know you have the right cabinet screw?

Glass Facts – Measuring Threading Depth

People sometimes also ask what size cabinet screw they should use with their glass knobs and pulls.

We provide a one inch 8/32 cabinet screw for every glass knob that you order and two for each pull.

The reason we send the one inch is that is the length required by the overwhelming majority of cabinets. Also, these meet the requirement of a five-millimeter thread depth.

Check out this great video by Berenson for an explanation:

If you are installing on unusually thick cabinets, you may need a one and a quarter, one and a half or one and three quarters length 8/32 cabinet screw. These are all easily and inexpensively available at your local hardware store.

Good news! We offer free shippingon all orders over fifty dollars in the United States.

Also remember, we offer trade accounts to qualified licensed businesses.



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