Glass Facts - Making Limited Edition Glass Knobs and Pulls

How is that Limited Edition glass made? See here!

Glass Facts – Making Limited Editions Glass Knobs and Pulls

The Limited Editions Collection consists of several types of handmade glass knobs and pulls which are made from our own blends. The specific combinations are unique to Glass Storm Studios and, though you can undoubtedly find glass that looks similar, these particular styles are available only from us.

Why are they called Limited? Because they are made in small batches intensive labor.

Each Limited batch is created by mixing a combination of art glasses together and then firing them to make a sheet of glass. This sheet of glass is then cut into the appropriate shapes and sizes depending on what’s been ordered.

After the glass pieces have been cut they are re-fired to fire polish the edges. Finally, the hardware is attached, the knobs or pulls are tested and then cleaned.

You can see the four stages we talked about – the glass blend, the glass sheet, the re-fired pieces and the pieces with hardware attached - in the accompanying picture. These are Sea Foam knobs during their creation process.

We are currently experimenting and are going to add new color combinations – any requests? Please send us an email or tweet or post.

Good news! We offer free shipping on all orders over fifty dollars in the United States.

Also remember, we offer trade accounts to qualified licensed businesses.



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