How durable are my glass knob and pulls?

Annealing gives our glass strength and makes it durable

Glass Facts - Annealing

People sometimes ask if glass cabinet hardware breaks easily. The answer is no. It is extremely durable for all normal use on cabinets and drawers.

The reason for this durability is that the glass has been annealed.

Annealing is the process of holding glass at a specific temperature during the firing process. Among many articles on the subject is a very detail one from the Corning Glass Museum, which describes annealing as “the process of slowly cooling a completed object”.

Check out the Corning Glass Museum article here:

Annealing allows the glass to cool at a uniform rate and thus reduce the internal stresses on the glass. This prevents what is called thermal shock, usually experienced as cracking or breaking in the glass.

All of the glass used by Glass Storm Studios is annealed and ready for daily use on all the furniture in your home!

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