Color Contrast in Choosing Glass Knob and Pull Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Picking contrasting colors in decorative cabinet hardware is key.

Consider Contrast When Choosing Glass Knobs and Pulls

When Choosing new glass knobs or glass pulls for your kitchen, bath room or living area, you naturally want them to enhance the area. One way to make sure they stand out is to pick a color scheme that contrasts with the background they will be installed against.

For example, installing cream knobs on an off-white background would not give you as much pop as a darker color. Obviously, for darker backgrounds the opposite applies.

Glass Storm Studios creates a collection of handmade glass cabinet knobs and pulls in many subtle and textured colors. This allows us to provide the appropriate color scheme for any part of your home.

In looking at the picture shown here, we see Blue Highway knobs and pulls installed on white kitchen cabinets. This contrast allows them to stand out clearly so that people can clearly appreciate their unique pattern. Also, the dark gray and black highlights in the glass play nicely off the dark highlights in the marble countertop.

This is a perfect example of a good use of contrast in installing decorative glass knob and pull cabinet hardware.

If you want to make a big change to a room, pick glass that contrasts dramatically with its background.

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