2019 Rising

Wishes for the new year

2019 Rising

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I feel that if you really want to do something you shouldn’t wait for a certain date. I resolve to do things whenever I decide.

That said, I think the end of the year is a natural reflection point and a time to think about hopes for the future.

I have the usual – health and happiness for all and, more problematically, less strife and discord in public life. I hope to not give up in the face of overwhelming problems that we are mainly lucky enough to be shielded from. I can see why people wish there was magic.

As for our business my wishes are more mundane. I love making glass and I love getting orders from people around the country. I try as hard as I can to add something beautiful to their lives and wish I had even more orders (who doesn’t!).

I wish that we suddenly mastered the art of SEO – the new magic. How and why do some sites show up before others on Google searches? Sometimes it seems obvious based on the scale of the business. Other times, less so.

We get contacted regularly by people who purport to have secret SEO knowledge which, for a price, they will impart. I call them the new magicians. What they say may be true.

I’d just like to know before I paid.



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