Welcome to the New Decade

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Welcome to the New Decade

Welcome to 2020! Thinking about this milestone made me remember the many others we have passed and how we felt at the time. Some of you may remember Y2K - what would happen! A few may even recall 1984 - was it really just an Apple commercial?

In the coming decades technology will change our lives even more and we will become free to do and get things we can’t even imagine now. We may also become strangely dependent on new software and hardware that we can barely understand. We could become immigrants through time, traveling farther and farther from our comfort zone, and eventually living like the proverbial strangers in a strange land.

One reaction to this experience is to become more aware and appreciative of the things that are not subject to change – family, friends, food, home and the natural world - and to take greater comfort in them.

Many of our designs strive to create the feeling of natural creations that are permanent and elemental. For example, our Marine knobs are intended to evoke the sea, fundamental and eternal.

In celebration of the beauty of the world world and the new decade we are having a giveaway this month! 

The first person who replies to this blog with a comment will get four free knobs of any style shown on our web site. This contest offer is good until the end of March, 2020. Enjoy!



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