Still Standing After All These Fears

Thoughts from Quarantine

Still Standing After All These Fears

Welcome to the ninth month of the year, named after the number seven! Here’s a fun article on how that happened:

How September Moved from Seven to Nine

Maybe we have more in common with those pesky Romans than we think. (Just as aside, the Roman Republic lasted 482 years before it became the Roman Empire.)

As I said last time, since we do our sales online, our business has not had to close down or in any way moderate our behavior. We still receive orders electronically and mail them out without having to practice any social distancing.

I even clean our knobs and pulls with alcohol while wearing gloves before packing them, so in a sense they arrive untouched by human hands!

With a lot of time in the studio I will be adding a couple new styles to our site in the coming weeks. Also look for a newsletter with announcements!

Any requests for a new style? Send me a note!

Kim and I send our wishes for your continued health and safety.



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