Our Knobs Are Like Flowers

Our cabinet knobs and pulls are like flowers.

Our knobs and pulls are like flowers.

The color of the flowers you choose affects everything around them. When you bring flowers into your home they play off of every other color in your space. They translate your mood, accessorize your feelings, map your thoughts to physical space.

Flowers are a dictionary of emotions and you can forecast a lot based on the choice of color. They predict someone’s mood and how they are going to react to everything, from other people to the news.

Color is a choice. People make this choice all the time and it speaks volumes about them. Have you never evaluated someone based upon the color of their car? The color they paint their rooms? Hotels go to great lengths to create a certain ambiance using color.

You can make the same choice with your home accessories. Choose the cabinet and handles that express your personality, the environment that you would like to create in your home. Glass is perfect for this use of color because of its clear, natural beauty.

When installing cabinets, remodeling, or refurbishing furniture, choose color.

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