Monochromatic Design with Glass Knobs and Pulls

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Monochromatic Design with Glass Knobs and Pulls

Monochromatic design uses just one color in addition to the background color. This creates an effect that can be somewhat austere, but which is more often interpreted as formal, especially when using black and white.

Glass Storm Studioscreates several products which use this motif including White Tie and Midnight. However, my favorite is the Glass Noir pictured below.

The black color of the knobs would be stark against the white except for a couple factors. First, the white background color in incorporated in the knob, tying them together. Second, there are also hues of gray in the glass which add a breadth and variety to the glass. The black is augmented by shades of gray just enough to soften the effect and to make the contrast comfortable instead of foreboding.

These Glass Noir knobs and pulls are an excellent accessory to anyone contemplating designing a room in black, white and shades of gray. Using this simple range of tones can create a dramatic and yet relaxing effect in any room.

Check them out here:

Glass Noir Handmade Glass Knobs and Pulls

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