Meet the Nib!

The nib makes it better!

Good news! We have added a nib to the back of our knob bases.

In an effort to continually improve our products have made an exclusive upgrade to our knob bases.

We have added a small nib to our knob bases to help your products maintain their position. We have made this upgrade to enhance the quality of your handmade glass cabinet hardware and ease their installation.

It’s simple. When installing, place the knob in the desired position. After aligning your knob don’t turn it any more. Draw the base down tight with the knob screw.

The nib makes a tiny dent in the surface and is locked in place (any subsequent knob replacement will easily cover this “dimple”).

Starting today, this feature is available on all styles and colors of our custom-made knobs.

Mark your calendar and enjoy!



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