Making Some New Glass for Knobs

by | Saturday, August 20, 2016 | 0 comment(s)

Now that we’ve been on line for a while, we’re starting to test for some new knob styles. These will be released in our ‘limited edition’ collection and some of the previous styles in this collection, sadly, will be gone.

You can see here one example. I’ve mixed small pieces of several colors of glass in a mold and covered them in clear glass for a smooth top layer. The proportions of colors are strictly a matter of preference, but a little dark color goes a long way. After I completed the blend, I fired the glass in one of our kilns.

The result is a nice piece of glass with the colors blended together. There is also some reaction between the chemicals in the glass, which adds a gray tint to part of the piece. Check back soon for the next step when I will cut the glass into pieces and transform them into knobs.

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