Magical Fiber Fantasy Retreat

A look into the world of fiber

Kim recently attended the Magical Fiber Fantasy retreat in Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida. I tagged along as the chauffeur and resident lounger.

The retreat was hosted by The Ross Farm and Four Purls Yarn Shop and featured classes in various fiber arts such as weaving and knitting as well as activities and a very well stocked market area. The teachers were Laura Aylor, Liz Gipson, Laura Linneman and Tanis Gray.

Although I didn’t attend the event I still managed to learn something.

First, the colors of fiber are gorgeous. They are the same vibrant hues that drew us to glass. Also, the use of design in the creation of fiber art has some similarity to designing glass pieces. There is something incredibly satisfying about combining a group of colors that work together. Also, many of the patterns in the fabric, especially the geometric designs, have a lot in common with glass patterns.

Second, the camaraderie of people getting together for the sake of creating something with their own hands is fantastic. In any city you go to in the United States you will find groups of people at fiber shops who are coming together not only to make something but also creating their own world, a positive kind of subculture.

Finally, to see the results of their work is even more satisfying. In this commercial age to see things hand made in America gives you a hope and positivity you don’t get many other places.

If you are at all interested, I highly recommend this event. Check it out at



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