Introducing Petals from the Nature Collection

The joys of designing and adding a new product

Introducing a New Product – Petals!

Designing a new product is always a challenge. How do you know which of the thousands of possible combinations of color and form will be the most appealing to our customers?

I have barely ever, if at all, gotten a request for a specific design, or even a general concept such as certain pair of colors. So we make our best attempt to design attractive new knobs and pulls.

And some of my favorite styles have been among our slower sellers. A lot of them involve some shade of green. I love Green Mist, for example, but only some people share my enthusiasm. Why?! What’s wrong with green?! Ah well.

This new style, though I believe is going to be very popular.

Petals is bright like the blossoms of spring, The pink of April blossoms against the white of fresh clouds and the, yes, fresh green of first shoots. It will look great against virtually all cabinet colors, and it will transform a room into a place of beauty, newness, and hope.

Even though they are small in size they can affect the architecture of an entire area, transforming the space into truly unique.

So please welcome Petals, the newest member of our Nature Collection.



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