Introducing Painted Desert from the Limited Collection

See this beautiful new combination of colors

Introducing a New Product – Painted Desert

Seen above is our new inspector, Misha, checking out our newest product, Painted Desert from the Limited Collection.

Painted Desert combines a large swath of colors from red to tan to grey to blue in an endlessly changing variety, just like its namesake. Hopefully, the picture on our banner page gives a flavor of this rich variety.

This new style is another one I believe is going to be very popular. What’s interesting to me about Painted Desert is that I think it would go with almost any color of wood. I’m going to be posting some examples on Instagram, including oak, brown, green and white. The only limit here is your imagination.

So please welcome Painted Desert, the newest member of our Limited Collection.

Misha has replaced our original inspector, Coco, who sadly left us after sixteen years. Sadie is still here as our inspector emeritus. I don’t know what it is about dogs that gets to me so much, but they do. I will say, though, that in her whole sixteen years Coco never did anything mean. Would that we could all say that.

Also, give a warm welcome to our newest trade partner. If you are in the Yarmouth area, contact Roger and check out Expert Closets!

Expert Closets

1 Atlantic Ave.

South Yarmouth 

MA 02664

(508) 778-6656



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