Colors and patterns

What to Expect

Colors and Patterns

On many of our product pages, our description includes the following statement:

“All our products are handmade to order. Variations in color and pattern are part of their charm. Each piece has a unique pattern but consistent theme much like natural stone or wood grain.”

So what should you expect?

All these types of hardware, Driftwood is the example pictured here, will have a consistent tone and color combination. However, each piece will be a different combination of those colors and tones.

Like we said in our last blog, this opens an endless possibility of shapes, sizes and colors. Each piece is unique and looking at them is like looking at the endless variations in clouds or waves.

In this example, all the knobs are combinations of browns, tans and whites but the distribution of these colors varies widely, just as it would if you were looking at pieces of driftwood while walking on the beach.

The secret of these kinds of knobs and pulls though is that looking at them as a group creates its own combination. This also is different each time AND the order you chose to install them also changes the pattern.

In the end you are the final creator.



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