Color is Like the Weather

Color affects how you perceive everything

Color is like the weather. It affects how you perceive everything. From the room you’re in, to your relationships, to the way you react to the news. Color is like a map translating your interior life into reality. You can map your feelings by analyzing the colors you choose and the way you decide to decorate, or not decorate, your house and office.

You can influence yourself to have more energy, to be peaceful, or confident just by the colors and pattern you decide to surround yourself with in your home. If you don’t consciously pick these colors, you will be affected by random chance, coincidence. So, for example, instead of just leaving the standard metal hardware your cabinets come with, replace them with a color that reflects the mood you choose, not the one that is given to you.

Obviously, the same principle applies to the colors you paint with, the clothes you wear, etc.… Little things can have a large impact. Test yourself - look around and see how many items in you line of sight you can change and in doing so change yourself. So, color is not like the weather because you can control it.

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