Back to Normal?

by | Thursday, October 12, 2017 | 0 comment(s)
We are back home with power and air conditioning and food – civilization! Except for the occasional pile of debris or downed street sign our neighborhood now looks pretty much like it did before the storm. We are making glass and filling orders. We have returned to our usual daily routines. So in that sense you could say that we are back to normal. In another sense, of course, we’re not. The memories are fresh and the awareness that everyone in South Florida was not so lucky lurks in the background. There are still streets that are uncomfortable to drive down. The new game in town is answering the question “how long were you without power?” To have gone a long time is almost a badge of honor. The longest I’ve heard is twelve days. There is a faint whiff of anxiety in the air. And this scenario replays itself. Hurricane Maria came almost immediately afterwards. Imagine being in Puerto Rico and facing the prospect of being without power for up to a year - of not having food or water or air conditioning. It is inconceivable. These thoughts slip in at random during the day. These are the not-back-to-normal parts. For those who face this horrible situation, please offer some help. As I said last time, ere are some obvious examples, but there are many others: And keep supporting Florida small businesses!
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