An Unexpected Discovery

When your day doesn't turn out the way you planned

An Unexpected Discovery

Yesterday morning I woke up planning on taking our inspector Sadie on her morning walk and then heading to the studio to make some glass. Then I stepped outside.

Sitting on a basket on our front porch was this guy, obviously injured and in no shape to fly. I knew I had to do something but had to call around a bit to find a place to take him. Then the fun began.

I’ve had a fair amount of experiences but had never had to capture a wild animal – even a small one. After some false starts I used a towel to bundle him into a basket, covered the top and loaded him into my passenger seat. He had no interest in cooperating with any of this!

As we headed across town I was distracted by periodic thrashing from inside the basket and had this image of myself driving down the street with an owl flying around the inside of the car and driving off the side of the road and getting arrested. For some reason, it seemed to me like the kind of thing that would have happened to Kramer.

We were headed to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, a place I had never heard of and had to find on line. What a great choice. They are an excellent organization and have a hospital specifically for wildlife rescue. Fortunately, we made it there without becoming a comedy episode, I did the hand off and my visitor is now resting comfortably.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida performs a really valuable service and also has several things for visitors to do. Check it out!



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