A New Year, Late

Thoughts on a dawn delayed

A New Year, Late

I took this picture just before dawn on January 1st. I had intended to write something about the new year being more positive and turning the page from the dark mood of 2020. Well, events outpaced me somewhat, so I put that thought on hold.

Now I realize those thoughts and wishes for a more positive year are just as valuable, it’s just that life just doesn’t turn on an arbitrary date. It evolves when it wants. So, I still want to wish everyone respite from the horrors of the pandemic and the anxiety of the past.

The last year was hard for us, especially the fall and winter. My mother died, not from COVID, and Kim got very sick. We were also going stir crazy from being at home so much and missing places and people we normally visited.

Ironically, we were really busy during this time and we want to say thank you to every one of our customers. Your business really helped us cope. We feel very fortunate that you chose us. Thanks!

For the rest of the year, I hope that the angst settled over the country will gradually lift like a fog burning off to reveal a bright new day.



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