Please give to Ukrainian relief agencies

Ukraine Relief

If you’re like me, you’re sickened by what is being done in Ukraine. We must somehow get to the point as a species where one psychopath can’t destroy the lives of millions of people. No one person should have this much power, especially since this type of power attracts those who least deserve it.

When I watch video of Ukrainians fighting in the streets or fleeing in panic, I feel like I’m trapped in a newsreel about Hitler. I feel angry and helpless. Right now, all I can think of to do is donate money to organizations helping the Ukrainians. Hopefully, I’ll come up with something more effective later. In the meantime,

Please give to one of these charities or another of your choice.

The International Committee of the Red Cross

World Central Kitchen

Save the Children

International Medical Corps


Doctors Without Borders

Thank you.



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