Everyone Else is Updating So Why Can't We?

by | Tuesday, May 19, 2020 | 0 comment(s)

Everyone Else is Updating So Why Can’t We?

With apologies to The Cranberries, I saw no reason to be the only American company not to publish a COVID-19 update.

Since we do our sales online, our business has not had to close down or in any way moderate our behavior. We still receive orders electronically and mail them out without having to practice any social distancing. I even clean our knobs and pulls with alcohol while wearing gloves before packing them, so in a sense they arrive untouched by human hands!

This is not to say that we are unaffected by the pandemic. There are many, many people with more important things on their mind.

Also, thinking about the horrific number of people who have passed away and the many more who are sick is oppressive. I am more grateful than ever to those who are fighting to treat the sick and to the people who keep our society running even in bad times.

Personally, we are lucky to be able to quarantine without great hardship. Our lives are not what we had planned, that’s for sure, and usually quiet. Although, we did have an unannounced visitor this week. Check out our back-yard bear!

Please stay careful out there.

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