Don't Let Them Down

by | Wednesday, October 28, 2020 | 0 comment(s)

Don’t Let Them Down

Over the years millions of Americans have sacrificed for our right to vote. Hundreds of thousands have died in wars defending our country. More were wounded. Still more had their families, careers and normal lived disrupted.

The picture above shows troops returning from World War 2. A whole generation put their lives on hold to defeat fascism and defend our constitution, including our right to vote.

The least we can do to repay their service is exercise the right they gave so much for. Without voting we have no democracy, and without democracy we are no better than the countries we seek to protect ourselves from.

Also, we shouldn’t take the vote lightly but try to make the best decision we can for our country. The art of persuasion, rhetoric, has been used and studied for thousands of years. Here’s a classic study by Aristotle, tutor of Alexander the Great.

The Art of Rhetoric

He defines mean of persuasion appealing to logic, emotion and character. He also describes logical fallacies used to deceive people – ad hominem arguments, false dichotomies, straw men, golden age fallacies, and many more.

So, please take the time to make the best decision you can for our country.

Then Vote!

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