Creative Interior Design with Glass Cabinet Handles

by | Saturday, June 11, 2016 | 0 comment(s)

Welcome back! Recently we received an order from Lorraine in Toledo, Ohio for three different styles of knobs and pulls. The styles were White Tie, Shadows and Midnight. Although they are complementary shades of black, white and gray, I assumed that she was going to put them in three different parts of her house. I was wrong.

A little later I received some pictures from Lorraine. She had alternated these three styles throughout her kitchen, creating her own blend with a unique combination of the three styles. She also installed her drawer pulls as diamonds. This creative use of accessories while remodeling created a one of a kind interior design that is stylish and all her own. Your imagination is the limit when blending colors and accessories.

Thanks for sharing your ideas and pictures Lorraine. Your kitchen is beautiful!

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